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High-quality content, ready to be published on your marketing channels right away

You know you need more content that educates your prospects about your offers, but…

You don’t know what to write about. Or how. Or where to find the time.

And the last thing you need is to babysit an inexperienced writer who doesn’t know what they are doing and struggles to deliver on time.

Let me help. As a professional writer with 20+ years of experience, I know how to create high-quality content your prospects (and media!) will love with minimal involvement on your part.

Businesses I work with

I specialize in writing for:

  • B2B companies, particularly in the technology, industrial goods, and manufacturing  industries
  • PR, communication, and marketing businesses

Some industry trade publications I’ve helped my clients get featured in:

Here’s how I can help

Blog posts & thought leadership articles (also ghostwritten)

Need a blog post for your own website on a topic related to your business? Want to contribute a bylined article to a publication, sharing thought leadership ideas of your own?

Whether you’d like me to help you come up with engaging topics and create content based on my own research or turn your ideas into a ghost-written thought leadership piece, I’ll create high-quality content, ready to be published right away.

How much does it cost?

The fee depends on the length of the content piece as well as additional efforts on my part:

  • Do I have to do my own research, or will you provide all the background information?
  • Will I need to conduct interviews?
  • Will you provide me with the interview sources, or will I have to look for them myself?

Here are the ballpark fees for an article or a blog post:

  • Up to 750 words: starts at $600
  • Up to 1,500 words: starts at $1,200
Yariv Rabinovitch
Senior Manager of Content and Creative
Meltwater, U.S.

“Michelle brings great ideas to the table and finds new angles to keep our content fresh”

Michelle has been contributing to Meltwater’s blog for almost four years. During that time, she’s consistently written great articles on PR and marketing and established herself as a thought leader in the field as well as a valuable brand advocate.

Michelle always brings great ideas to the table and finds creative new angles to keep our content fresh. She weaves in the latest brand examples and finds top influencers that provide quotes that add credibility.

Last year, she also wrote a great ebook on the latest best practices on media relations and delivered a webinar that was one of our top performers. She is fast, thorough, and has grace under pressure.

Customer success stories

Customer success stories are one of the most effective marketing tools. The story format captivates your prospects, demonstrates the value of your offers in real-life situations, and makes even the most skeptical prospects crave the same results.

Have a happy client who has agreed to share their experience on record? I’ll interview your client, write a compelling success story, coordinate the approval process, and even help you use the story for the PR: plug it into the pitches to the media, offer your client as a reference to journalists, etc.

How much does it cost?

The fee for a customer success story depends on the additional efforts on my part (research, number of the interviews I have to conduct, number of revision rounds, etc.) and starts at $750.

Press releases

Press releases are often underestimated. Did you know that there are at least six ways you can repurpose a press release and get more exposure for your company and offers?

I’ve been writing press releases for over 20 years and know how to create one that will earn media coverage (and more potential customers).

How much does it cost?

The fee for a press release depends on the additional efforts on my part (research, number of interviews I have to conduct, number of revision rounds, etc.) and starts at $750.

“We’ve seen increased editorial pickups, media interviews, and brand visibility in a short few months.”

Michelle has been doing PR and writing for my three industrial B2B brands for the last nine months. She quickly jumped in to learn our businesses, people, and the industry. Everything she works on is on brand and written as if she’s been a subject matter expert for years. We’ve seen increased editorial pickups, media interviews, and brand visibility in a short few months.

Jessica Gray
Marketing Director
Grote Company, U.S.

Patrina Mack photo

“Michelle is a great writer who knows what plays well with the press”

I have partnered with Michelle many times over the past years. She has a keen sense of what plays well with the press, has great relationships with the press and, as good a writer I am, I always find that Michelle has more precisely and succinctly delivered the most salient points in her writing.

She consistently delivers quality results. The most recent highlight was a quarter-page feature in a national newspaper.

Patrina Mack
Vision & Executive, U.S.

And the best part? I can help you increase the reach of your content, too!

As a PR consultant, I know the process of content distribution inside and out. And I can help you pitch your content to the media to make sure it gets the exposure it deserves.

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